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Mama Lyn at a Health and Wellness Expo

We believe in family, friends, love, and great-tasting easy to make tea!

Enjoying a cup of hot tea has been a tradition within our family that has brought us closer together.  Whether during an afternoon get-together or just to sit and unwind after a long hard day.  

As year-round tea drinkers, we understand the importance of great tasting tea.

Drinking tea isn't like a habit, it is a way of life.  

We understand that when you drink tea, you are connecting to a place that is unique to you; at the moment, on your own time. 

How Teablee® was Born...

Quite simply, we wanted to make great tasting tea quickly and easily!

We were personally growing tired of the time it was taking to make ourselves a simple cup of tea! 

And using a tea bag or tea ball strainer just wasn't cutting it anymore.  These options were too messy and just didn't give us the variety of flavors we desired.

We know how flavorful and healthy loose leaf tea is. But we didn't want to necessarily go through the time and process of making a traditional cup of tea using a gong fu pot.

So how could simplify this tea-making process without compromising the flavor?

We searched high and low for a solution and came across a few alternatives.  We found that a "brew-in-mug" strainer/infuser was a good compromise, but the problem was, the existing products on the market were too small for our large "American-sized" coffee mugs (that we used to drink tea!).

Our Solution

Our solution was to create a large tea strainer basket that was large enough to let the tea leaves unfurl completely during the proper steep time for the particular variety of tea, AND also be wide enough to fit almost every size of coffee/tea cup or mug possible. 

And with that, Teablee® was born!


Our products are designed specifically to maximize your tea drinking experience while unleashing all the healthy benefits that go along with consuming freshly brewed loose tea.

You can steep your favorite loose leaf tea directly in your cup or mug, and in a few minutes, just take the entire basket out, and place it on the provided lid/drip tray.

Greek Mountain Loose Tea steeping in a Teablee Tea Strainer basket

To clean, simply shake out the leaves into your compost pile or trash can, then rinse with warm water. 

Since our strainers are made out of the highest quality FDA approved 304 stainless steel, with proper care, your strainer will be one of the most loved and coveted of your kitchen accessories for years to come!

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