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How to Make A Cup of Loose Leaf Tea - Step by Step Instructions

How to Brew The Perfect Cup of Loose Leaf Tea: A Step by Step Beginners Guide

You don't have to be an expert tea master to skillfully brew a perfect cup of loose leaf tea.  In this brief tutorial, you will learn how to make brewing loose leaf tea fun, easy, and flavorful...

Use Filtered Water for the Best Possible Flavor

We first recommend that you start by heating cold filtered water for your tea, as metals and chemicals from regular tap water can significantly alter the flavor of your brew.  It isn't required, but you will notice a difference.

Step 1: Heat your water.

This step, while the most simple, is in fact, the most important skill to master in the art of tea brewing

The reason water temperature is an important component to your brewing process is that different tea varieties require different water temperatures to fully "unlock" the flavors and health benefits of each variety. 

For example, most black teas require near-boiling water (208-212 degrees Fahrenheit). 

More delicate teas such as green and white leaf teas, require "simmering" water of about 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  

For black tea, we typically let the water reach a complete boil, then let the water "rest" for 1-2 minutes before steeping.

Refer to this handy chart below as an easy point of reference.  

water temperatures and steep times by loose tea type

You will need to heat your water in a tea kettle (stovetop or electric is fine).  Many electric tea kettles on the market today have water temperature control, which makes the task of heating your water to the right temperature according to the type of loose tea you choose an easy task.

Step 2: Add your favorite loose tea to a brew-in-mug tea strainer basket


add loose tea to a brew-in-mug strainer basket

Next, you will need to insert a brew-in-mug tea strainer basket into a cup or mug and add 1-2 teaspoons of your favorite loose tea blend into the strainer.  

Gently pour the hot water over the top, and steep between 1-5 minutes, depending on the variety of the tea. 

Black tea, Pu-Erh, Yerba Mate, and Rooibos require longer steep times (3-6 minutes) while more delicate teas and herbal teas require lesser time (1-3 minutes).

Step 3:  Carefully remove the tea strainer basket from the cup and enjoy your cup of delicious tea! 

Once your tea has finished steeping, all you need to do now is remove the tea strainer basket. 

For black and Chai tea, spice things up with an added twist of cinnamon and orange peel zest! 

For green tea, try adding a bit of lemon and organic raw honey.  Don't be afraid to experiment with different spices and flavors to make tea time fun, exotic, and flavorful.

woman holding cup of tea on a cold day

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