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3 Amazing Tea Remedies for Better Skin, Mood, and Health

Most of us know how wonderful tea is to drink.  

Millions of people worldwide consume tea as a beverage of choice on a daily basis.
In fact, according to the Tea Association of the USA, In 2014, Americans consumed over 80 billion servings of tea, or more than 3.60 billion gallons!
But what many of us don’t know about tea is that it can be a wonderful all-natural remedy for many common ailments that cause us discomfort and embarrassment.  
Amazing Tea Remedy #1: Tea Can Treat Skin Acne
woman with beautiful skin drinking a hot cup of tea
Consuming Green Tea is an excellent all-natural treatment for skin acne.  Green teas contain a chemical called polyphenol, which is a natural antioxidant.  These antioxidants help rejuvenate the old and infected skin cells and also help destroy the harmful bacteria causing the acne to flare up.  

Skin inflammation can often times cause a “ripple effect” of cyclical acne, which can lead to scarring and permanent damage.  Drinking green tea helps reduce this inflammation and decreases your chances of a recurring acne.
Amazing Tea Remedy #2: Tea can Balance your Hormones
water pouring in a zen garden
Consuming tea, particularly green tea has been shown in medical studies to help balance estrogen levels in women.  High levels of estrogen in women can be dangerous, especially later on in life.  

Imbalances can cause an increased risk in some cancers, osteoporosis, and menopausal symptoms.  The blood estrogen levels were 13 percent lower in women who regularly drink green tea, when compared to irregular tea drinkers, according to a study in the journal “Carcinogenesis”.
Amazing Tea Remedy #3: Tea can Help With Weight Loss
puerh tea cakes on a serving tray
There is a fermented black tea grown in the Yunnan Province of China, called Pu-Erh.  
Pu-Erh has been shown in several studies to be highly effective in balancing insulin levels and reducing food cravings.  In fact, in some studies, it has been shown to mimic the same benefits as antidiabetic drugs.  
Eat This! Not That! calls Oolong Tea the “Pound-a-Week-Melter" because oolong is full of a chemical called catechins, which help boost your body’s ability to metabolize body fat.  

A recent Chinese study had participants sip Oolong tea daily over the course of six weeks.  The average weight loss per person was 6 pounds or 1 pound per week!

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